Ayşe Sarısayın

Ayşe Sarısayın

Ayşe Sarısayın was born in Istanbul in 1957. She graduated from Istanbul University’s Chemistry Department in 1981 with a degree in chemical engineering, and then earned a business degree from Istanbul University’s Institute of Business Economics in 1986. For many years, she worked as an executive in the pharmaceutical sector. Ayşe currently lives with her husband and son in Istanbul.

Ayşe, whose  father was the famous poet and author Behçet Necatigil, published his translated poems in 1984 (Yalnızlık Bir Yağmura Benzer [Loneliness is Like a Rain]) and his correspondence with family in 1999 along with Selma Esemen. Ayşe’s book exploring her memories connected to Behçet Necatigil, titled “Çok Şey Yarım Hâlâ” [So Much is Still in Halves], was published in 2001 by YKY.

Ayşe Sarısayın’s first short story collection, Denizler Dört Duvar [The Seas are Four Walls], was published in 2003 by Can Yayınları and received the 2004 Yunus Nadi Short Story Award. Her 2004 story collection Yorgun Anılar Zamanı [The Time of Tired Memories] was awarded the 2005 Sait Faik Short Story Award, and her 2008 collection Karakalem Resimler [Charcoal Drawings] won the Dünya Kitap journal’s Compilation of the Year Award in 2008. Her newest book is a novel titled Ansızın Günbatımı [The Sudden Sunset], published by Can Yayınları in 2014.

When she finds the time, Ayşe also translates literature from German into Turkish. Her translation of Siegfried Lenz’s 1960 novel Deutschstunde [The German Lesson] was published by Everest in 2012 and received the Dünya Kitap journal’s 2012 “Translation of the Year” award.