Mine Söğüt

Mine Söğüt

Mine Söğüt was born in Istanbul in 1968. She graduated from Kadıköy Kız Lisesi in 1985 and began her undergraduate studies at the Department of Latin, Istanbul University. She completed her BA in 1989 and began her master’s studies at the same department.

Her career in journalism began in 1990 when she started working for the newspaper Güneş Gazetesi, as a courtroom reporter. She then went on to work at the Human Rights Service. In 1991 she started working for the weekly news magazine Tempo as a reporter. In 1993, she was awarded the honourable mention award in a competition held by the Association of Journalists, in the News category. In 1994 she started working for the newspaper Yeni Yüzyıl and quit her job a year later, to complete her master’s with a thesis on Latin theatre entitled “Polemic Elements in Terentius’s Prologues”.

Between 1996 and 2000 she worked as screenwriter for the television documentary Haberci. She wrote for the monthly magazine Öküz between the years 1999 and 2001. Her writings and interviews have been published in various newspapers and magazines.

She has written four novels which have all been published by YKY; Beş Sevim Apartment Building/Beş Sevim Apartmanı (2003), Red Time/Kırmızı Zaman (2004) (Bulgarian rights; Vessela Lutskanova Publishing House), Şahbaz’s Marvellous Year 1979/Şahbaz’ın Harikulade Yılı 1979 (2007), and Madam Mr. Arthur and Everything in his Life/Madam Arthur Bey ve Hayatındaki Her Şey (2010). She has also written and published various non-fiction works. Her non-fiction works and short stories have featured in anthologies.